Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hi, folks i wanted to show u good folks the beginning of the staff i am working on for my Girlfriend for the same convention i am going to this yr.  This is goign to be a part of her Sorceress/Healer outfit.

 Got the threaded joints and couplers, i then cut the staff in half and put in a center piece with the threads sections and couplers on each each, this makes it a lot easier to travel with the soon to be tall as hell staff lol.

 I used a gatorade bottle believe it or not lol cause i liked the shape of the top plus i wanted to be able to have screw on access to the inside of the staff, you will see why soon.

 I then used some eva foam to add some dimension to the staff, give it some levels so to speak.

 Then in the areas that i did not add foam to , i wrote in dwarven symbols (yes they actually spell out words lol, i have a font for it for my photoshop program ).

 It is kinda hard to see here, but i then dremel'd out the runes.

 Here i installed a simple lighting system into the staff thru the top of the Gatorade bottle, this way when i need to change batteries i can just screw it off then screw it back on.

another shot of the top of the staff lit

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