Monday, August 13, 2012

Hi folks wanted you to see my paint progress on the dragon skull, here u go!

 First thing was to smoothcast the entire skull, here is a side view.

 Front top down view.
 Here you can see the fine lines i placed all throughout the horns with the hot glue gun, see how that extra dimension i was talking about in my previous post help give it a great texture and detail.

Here i applied the red in certain areas for an undertone to the other layers i will be airbrushing on it.


 Here i started to add the gold into the horns, being careful to still allow a faint bit of the red to poke thru.

 I started to airbrush in black to define some areas a bit.

This is how the dragon skull looks so far attached to the breastplate, still got some more painting to do on it but so far, looking good!

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