Monday, June 25, 2012

hi folks, i wanted to do a little progression shot of my helm progress to where i currently am with it now, enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hi again folks i also wanted you good folks to check out my belt as well, once again this is basically just the foundation paint on it, i will also be working on detailing this up over the next few days.

 So here is the first 2 coats laid down, i intend on also lining the inside with black felt and the outside with this luxurious black soft material, it looks like the coat of a black Labrador retriever  that has that nice shine to it.

 Top down view.
Side view letting u see a bit more of the detail, once again i wanted that gnarled look to match the helmet horns.
Hi folks, this week i wanted to give u guys a taste of how the paint job on the helm is starting out!

These are just the base color coats i have applied in the following photos over the next 2 days i will be applying detail and lot of shading to it:

 So the 3 base colors for the entire suit will be a dark red almost burgundy, Black and a golden bronze almost copper for all the bones and horn sections of the armor ( a bit of the trim too).

 Here i am showing that the lower section will be a blend of red going into black all the way around the base of the helm.

 I really love how the sculpted detail came out in the horns, i wanted a battle hardened gnarled look to them, this is going to make my airbrush job a joy!

 And this is the back view.

Closeup of the back view.  Can you see the design in the back, it will pop over the next 2 days, promise!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Wanted to let you good folks see how some of the armor looks on me, and as u can see i have started coating it with the smoothcast, i think this suit of original fantasy armor is coming along fine, what do u guys think?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hello folks, just wanted to show you how the helmet looks after a few coats of wonderflex...

Here is a front and back peak at the helm, sorry for the over use of flash i had an overhead light on and used the flash on the digital camera lol as well.

 Side view

Top down view

Close up of front view, now i begin the long process of sanding!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hi folks, been working hard in the creation lab these past few days, and i wanted to show u good folks the helmet, I have finished the final build stage on it and it is now ready to be smoothcasted!  So the next time you good people see this helm is will be all black and shiny lol.

 Front shot, as you can see i opted to change all the raised edges to the green foam, and i loved the results it was the perfect thickness and now easily stands out form the rest of the face portion of the helm.  Also as you can see I have completed the friendly plastic  across all the edges of the horns, makes it look a lot more menacing now me thinks!

 Back shot, as you can see i also put a little symbol back here as well to keep it from looking boring.

 Side view.
 Three quarter view.


Top down view.