Thursday, August 23, 2012

2nd Alternate helm for my DragonScion armor

Hello folks, i just have 8 days till con time, so everything is in high gear now, with that said i completed the sculpt on my 2nd head i will also be wearing to the convention, i used a oil based clay called Plastilina modeling clay, this is a non hardening clay that is excellent for sculpting with.  Well without further ado here are the pics:

 Well here it is ignore the piece of clay at the chin that will not be a part of the mask.  This will be a half mask that will is being made so that it can sit on my head comfy like, also i will be adding eva foam dreds to it later.
 Side view.

 Happy with my sculpt, i decided to try a different method of casting a mask, instead of going the route of making a mold, i am going to do a one shot basically, which means spraying over the entire sculpt with a mold release, letting that dry then painting my smoothcast 325 directly over it.  But before i smoothcast it i make sure to cover my dress form and armor underneath in saran wrap, this i have found is an excellent way to protect what u do not want smoothcast or resin falling onto.

The reason why i am trying this method of casting a mask, is that i want it to have a poured on drippy type look, kinda like it just came out of a pool of lava and dried while the lava was still dripping down type of look, so instead of sculpting in those waves and drips, i decided to do it naturally.  Well he is all wrapped up and the release agent is dry time to smoothcast!

 First coat of smoothcast, I will do about 5 coats total before i separate the clay from the smoothcast.

Front view.

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