Monday, May 28, 2012

Wanted to give you guys a quick peek at the progress i have done on the palms as well:

As you can see the runic wording is done and almost all the areas that should be raised are up.  These are almost ready as well for the smoothcast.
Hi folks i wanted to show you a bit of progress i am making on my helm since it has been a while.  In these photos i have been adding friendly plastic to the horns to give them a more "meaty" real look.

You can see the horn on the left with its new ridges verses the horns on the right5 without it, BIG difference, i am loving how this lil detail is coming out.

Also in these pics i decided i wanted to raise the trim in the mask even higher so i placed in some green cell foam to get the thickness i wanted.  Gotta love how organic making an original suit of armor can get.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hi folks, i guess i am on fire tonight lol this will be my 3rd post for the day!  Here i will should you good folks my update on the blade gaunt itself, hope u like!

As you can see it is now a dual bladed gauntlet! what do you good folks think?
Another quick update, i wanted to show u good folks my test shots on how well the blade gaunt fits with the upper arm armor.  Also you will notice i modified the blade portion a bit, this was so i had more mobility when i am wearing this with the big pauldrons i made, but i am not done with that blade gauntlet yet, look for another updates on its design soon!

Hi folks, time again for another update! 
This time i worked a bit on the upper arms and the under shoulders ( basically the smaller set of shoulder which will be under the larger pauldrons)  I have attached the upper arms to the small shoulders and I am thinking about maybe attaching the blade gauntlet to it as well so i can just slide my arm into this armored sleeve.  Well here are the pics!

This is a shot of the back of the upper arm.  This was all built in various section then heat set together to form a solid piece.

Front view of the upper arm i intend on smoothing out the bumps with a good dose of friendly plastic.

And the inside shot, here u can see i achieved the roundness of the shoulder section by cutting 3 separate sections of wonderflex (each piece curved) and attaching them by their edges to achieve the curve.

Me wearing the upper arms.

Front shot of me wearing the upper arms.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Just finished the coating of smooth cast over the belt.  .Next step will be to bring out the airbrush and get with the detail painting!

What do you guys think?
Hi folks, i wanted to give you guys another update on the belt.  After i finished gluing all the boning on it, i worked on applying the "foam coat" to it.  The reason for the foam coat is to help me achieve a particular texture i was going for and to also serve as a base for my smoothcast. Well without further ado here are the pics:

Here i have started applying the  "Foam Coat" with a sponge brush quickly since this stuff has a use time of 10 min, and a set time of 30 min, and dries rock hard in 12 hrs.

After i applied the Foam coat across a few bone sections, i go back over it with a wooden Popsicle stick to smooth it out but to also create interesting line textures in it to give it a more natural bone look.

 In this pic i have one complete side done top and bottom.

 Here is a closeup shot, now to finish the other side.  Then tomorrow smoothcast time!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hi folks, i decided to work a bit on the belt while i wait for the smoothcast to do its thing on the gauntlet fingers, so here are some progress shots on the belt!:

Here i have already cut the foam to shape as well as the fosshape and i have part glued with fabric tac and spot sewed key areas.

After the glue dried, i am folding the edges over to create a ridge for the boning that i will later have looped over this section.

Here is a closeup, not bad for one not fond of sewing huh, lol.

Side view of the belt pre bone.

 Front view pre bone.
And back view pre bone.
Now i know you good folks are probably like, what the hell does he mean "pre- bone"  Basically to keep the continuity of the bone look i have in the horns and across the pauldrons, i decided to carry that same look down to the belt as show in these pics:

 And this is the boning folks, i cut and shaped every piece of fosshape heat set it so get the curl then glued each piece in place, so far i have the right side almost done- then i will work on the left side boning.

Close up of the rear section of the belt..

And the rear of the belt, I also intend on smooth casting all the bones on the belt, once that is done i will be putting in fabric between the top and bottom portion on the bones what color you ask, i will let you guess!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hi folks, here is another quick update.  This time i have been working with the friendly plastic on the gauntlet fingers and here are some pics of my progress on that:

I will be doing a light sanding down on top of this to get the shape even better then it already is then smoothcasting !

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hi guys i am working on so many parts of the costume right now it is crazy over here, but I wanted to give you guys a taste of the improvements i am making on the back armor.  I have extended 3 of the spinal bones out further on the expanded back, i am loving how that came out but also i have done a test fit and test on the lighting system for the back before i lay in the bone segments which will go down the center spine.  Well here is a little peak at that:

Wait till u guys see how this looks with the bone segments in!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wow, My Blog page just went over 1000 page views, I just wanted to say ty to all the people that share my love for costume design and cosplay, and continuously come to my page to see what is new in my world, TY all!!!  Keep a lookout, my nice update will be the progress pics on my belt!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello again fellow cosplayers, i wanted to show the process i did on the back torso section of the armor in these pics:

I decided i needed to add more of a outward curve to the shoulder portion of the back to give it more of the look i wanted for the suit so here i have sewed and glued in addition foam over the center back and extending to the sides of where my shoulder blades would be.

This is a back shot after i covered it with fosshape and glued it into place using fabric tac. Looks massive huh?

Side view to show how far out the back goes now, as you can see i am attaching it directly to the shoulder harness to increase the over all strength, which will be great for the pauldrons as they will be sitting over the shoulder area.

Full view of the back spine bent in the right shape attached now (Wonderflex is amazing stuff), i may add a wee bit of more detail to this or just wait till i airbrush it and do detail painting then.

3/4 views of the spine and new back.

Hola folks, here are some pics of the shoulder armor that the arm armor will be attached to:

This will serve 2 function the first one as a way to keep the biceps armor in place as well as added support for the pauldrons that will go on top of it.

Side view showing where how the shoulder armor will fit with the breastplate.

And with the helm on.  I am also building up the back as I post up these pics (not enough Quasimodo for me yet lol)  Those pics may come later tonight or tomorrow at the latest.