Monday, July 30, 2012

Hello folks, i have completed the lighting install for the spine, here are some step by step pics i have gathered for you, courtesy of my esteemed photographer Jereen (thanks babe):
What u do not see a pic of is me drilling holes into the resin bones i sculpted and casted, i drilled the holes so that i could insert the led's directly into the bones for a better glow.

Here i am pushing the led's into the holes i drilled into the resin bones.

 I am now hot gluing the led lights permanently to the resin bones.

 Next i put a small amount of hot glue on the inside and folded a bit of the extra wire behind it (helps to deal with the excess).

 Ok, time to turn on the lights!

Awesome, gotta love that glow!  See how the lights look like it is coming from within the bones, that is the effect i was shooting for.

 Time to attach it permanently to the spine.  I put a good amount of hot glue onto the back of each piece, then carefully attach it to the spine.

I rinse the repeat till i get to the last one.


Now that they have been glued  in place, time for a little WIRE management with all the excess wires, I neatly wrap each section up ( i am going to put special bone covers over those sections, you will see it in the next wip update).

 Time to turn on the bone lights again!

Once again with a few house lights turned off.  What do u guys think?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hi again fellow armor makers and fans alike, i completed the flowing lava effect on the back right side of the armor, here are the wips on that.

 I wanted to have a flow of lava coming from where the 2 biggest lights are on the back portion of the breastplate, so i first went ahead and once again pulled out the acrylic white (createx) paint, and highlighted the areas i was going to fill in with yellow.  Once i finished marking the areas i went in with the yellow and lightly sprayed over it till i got it pretty bright.

 Then i went and switched out to the red and careful sprayed around the edges of the yellow, going in slowly till i got the effect i desired.

 Once that was done i brought out the black and deepened all the black areas till i was satisfied with it.

This side is now complete!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Detail Painting the back on the upper armor part1

Hello folks, i know a lot of you are often challenged with how to paint your weapons or armor once the build portion is done where in this wip i am goign to take u step by step as i  switch out colors with my airbrush:

 I am going in with the black to define up the areas for me for the lava look i am going for, basically blocking in the dark areas/shadows real quick.

 Bringing some of the black up and into the bone section of the Pauldron.  I also made sure to get in the shadows along the spine section to really make it pop.

 Making sure to get underneath sections too for a complete look.

How this side looks so far with the shadows worked in, time to change colors.

 Here i am now working with white as a base for the yellow i shall be adding to it.

 Here i have switched to the yellow for my highlighted areas, i basically airbrush over the white sections, i do not have to worry about spillover color because both the red and black is a way more powerful pigment, and the acrylic based yellow will not show up easily over it.

 Once that is done i go back to red to lightly mist over the yellow in certian spots, letting the yellow shine thru at certain areas.

I want to add a few more"hot spots" in the lava flow so i ma going back to the white to highlight certain areas.
Painting time!  I have started to paint the Rear of the torso and the pauldrons, check it out:

 This is the base coat colors i have added so far.

The idea i want to do is instead of dragon scale, i decided since the dragon theme for this armor is a red dragon, and they live in volcano's and bathe in lava, is to simulate a cracked lava look all throughout the armor, i figure that will be an awesome and very cool look!

Detailing with Friendly plastic

Hi folks wanted to keep u updated on the costume progress thus far, i decided to use some friendly plastic and work on the edges of the horns ion the pauldrons to keep the continuity between them and the horns on the helm in sync.

Yeah that is gonna look great when i paint it!

And added some additional detail along the spine for a bit more dimension to it.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hi again folks, i just did a gem and light placement on the armor before i start to paint it and wanted to share the WIP's of that with you all.

Placement of everything is looking good.

Loving the glow off the shoulder lights ( next wip i will show the spine lit up as well.)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hi folks, i wanted to show u guy the wips on the smoothcast process of the breastplate and pauldrons.
I am loving how my idea for the war torn texture is looking on it, smoothcast rocks!

 I built up the circular parts on the spine so that they really jump; out now at ya, love how it came out.

 Back view.

 Here u can see how the pauldrons work into the breastplate, almost an organic feel to it.

Close up on the pauldron detail. What do u guys think?


Friday, July 20, 2012

Hi folks TGIF!!! I finished the boning on one of the boots and i wanted to shard that with u good folks, in this application i used Fosshape to create the bone effect around certain sections of the boots, normally i would heat set it first but due to the shape of the areas i wanted to bone, it was easier to form the fosshape around each section, then glue it with a hot glue gun, then once that section was done, heat set the whole thing.

 Back View.

 Side view.

Front view, next stop for this is some smoothcast then paint!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I started the boning process today on the boot here are a few wips on that:

In case u goof folks are wondering i am making the boning out of fosshape and hot gluing it to the eva foam, once this is done i can begin to coat the boot in smoothcast 320.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wanted to show u guys 2 quick wips of how the detailing is coming along on the helm.

 I have stared a "red lightning" pattern on the center portion of the face, i really liek how it pop and bring that section more into view.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Here is how the new painted lights look on the boots:

These are 2 pics with the lights turned off:
 Front view

Side view.

Now with the lights turned on:

 Front view.

3/4 view.  How r you guys liking my progress?