Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hi again, i was able to reach my goal today with basically completing the sculpt for the lower forearm section of the gauntlets, here are the pics:

Basically i have just do touch up work now, then i can cast this piece!
Hello again, i wanted to show you guys my progress on the lower portion of the gauntlets, after seeing some pretty amazing ones being done on the web i was inspired to kick mine up a notch and add a little sculpted element to them.  I am basically sculpting a draconian woman, complete with horns and wings on the lower part of the gauntlet.  Here are the progress pics of that endeavor:

As you can see she is about half done, literally lol.  In order to ensure this fits right on my founded gauntlet, i wrapped wax paper around the gauntlet, tapped it down then started sculpting right on top of it, this is a great way to ensure placement and sizing too.

Here is a side view, once i put in that lil section of wall on the bottom left here it gave me an idea with the wings to actually extend them down over it so that is what i will work on next, if it looks good i will do that on the other side as well.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

 Hola fellow cosplayers i wanted to show you guys how my hands are shaping up.  I also decided to show you guys how you can form wonderflex around your hand if you do not have a dress form to do it on top of.  Here go the pics!

 Here i put on my black and decker gloves since they resist heat pretty well, and heat set the wonderlfex (with some craft foam inside) and bent it over the top of my hand.  Then simply held it in place till it kept the form.

Here i am applying the side pieces in the same fashion as i did  to the top.

Here i am Securing the opening for the thumb, as well as the shape of my palm.

Thumb section is good as well as capturing the shape of my palm.

 Jumping ahead a lil bit you can see how the tops of my hands look now covered in the wonderflex.

And how the palms look, here you see one palm plain and the other with a design that i will be raising up with more wonderflex.

 Me wearing the palm section and the fingers together.  Tho there is a big gap of my skin showing i intend on attaching some stretchy type of string i bought from Joanns crafts and will be attaching the fingers to the palm, that will close that gap considerable, plus also give me the perfect tension for my finger so they are firm and in place.

Back view of it all.

Extreme closeup, i will also be wearing a black glove under all this to complete the look, after it is painted and i have used my friendly plastic that is.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hi folks, just wanted to post up the boots i am also creating for the armor, well actually the boots and shin guards;

This is the front view all foam before i break it back down and wonderflex and fosshape it all up.

Side view.

Rear view.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hi folks, i have had a few people asking me this so i figure i post  a simple how to up here with some pics.  What i am referring to is a dress form or low budget mannequin, which i think is essential for when you r building a armor or cloth set if you want to make sure all the pieces fit well.

Here are some pics followed by a brief explanation:

 I created this torso dress form with the help of my amazing Girlfriend.  I put on a sacrificial old T-shirt, and a plastic bag for my neck area.  Then had my girlfriend tape me up in duct tape,  from wear my hips began all the way up to my neck. Once my torso was all taped up  She took some scissors and cut a single line up my spine to the back of my neck so I could slip out of it.

Once i was free of it, I sealed up the arm stumps ( they stopped at the upper bicep's) i packed the shoulder and upper arm area to the neck, then sealed the neck.  Then i commenced to filling up the rest of the torso using newspaper, scrap pieces of soft foam too.

Here you see my full arm attached as well (that goes down to my fingers as well).  Ignore the white hand in the pic that belongs to my Gf's son lol.  But basically i did the same process with the arm too and the head as well.  I also made the arms detachable as u can see from the black tape on the shoulder section there.  I can just remove that part and be able to work on the arm solely.

Closeup of the head form.  Note about the head i did put a plastic bag over my head, but i cut out an opening for the nose so i could breath.  She wrapped up the majority of my head first leaving the front part of my face for last.

Also on my head form you see here i also started to work on a piece i will be wearing under the helmet, so when i do take it off it gives folks a lil bit more eye candy, and a nice surprise.  I may make certain sections light up, not sure yet.

Eventually i will do a full body cast of myself, but till then my low budget dress form will serve me just right.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hi folks today was gem day, as i pulled out the gems i made from the molds i created, Here is how they turned out:

I used some simple cheap containers for the round and oval molds, and did a carving for my demon gem and using smooth cast silicon to set the blue mold you see there.

This is how the first batch came out.

Closeup of the demon gem, i love how this came out.

Another angle of it, this is gonna look awesome when i insert some lighting into it!  Oh and i n case you are wondering how i got that color i just used a bit of red acrylic based paint and some red glitter to give it a nice sparkle.  The glitter will also look amazing once i have the light shining through it.

Friday, April 6, 2012


Hi folks, i recently built a dress form of my upper torso, and i wanted to see how a few of the upper body pieces look together so i decided to place them together onto it.  Right now i have the pauldrons propped up onto the dress form of me so they r sitting behind the breast plate, but after i install the harness for them they will sit in front of it.  I also still have to bend the top part of the breastplate back some to show the entire bottom part of the helm.  But so far i am loving how it is coming out!

Oh and excuse the black piece of velcro tape on the bottom of the breastplate, it is what is temporarily holding the front and back part of the torso on the dress form lol.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Hi guys i wanted to show you the foam underlay i built as the beginning of the  torso section of the breast plate.

I decided to draw up a muscle group formation that combined human and reptilian parts.

I started cutting out my wondeflex for each muscle group individually.

Now I am heat setting each muscle group that i covered in wonderflex to the main breastplate.  The reason why i covered each muscle group in wonderflex first was i wanted to keep the rounded shape of each muscle group even after i pressed it into the breastplate. and as you can see from the earlier post it makes for a great look!

Detailing some wow factor

Hi folks, i got in some " Liquid Lead" today, so i decided to do a lil "wow" factor on the chest and lower gauntlet arm pieces, and here are the progress pics.

Here is is all those black lines are actually raised to give the detail a bit of dimension and not a flat look.

Closeup of detail.

Chest detail close up.

All 3 pieces, I cannot wait till i can paint these.  Still have a few more steps before i can get to that stage tho.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hello folks time for another update!  This time i worked on the harness for the blade gauntlets.  Here are the progress pics of that:

 Back view of me wearing the blade gauntlets.

 Front shot

Me showing how stable they are at this angle.

The black piece of velcro on my forearm is the harness, it is a modified version of the one kasumi made on her site feel free to check it out!