Monday, July 30, 2012

Hello folks, i have completed the lighting install for the spine, here are some step by step pics i have gathered for you, courtesy of my esteemed photographer Jereen (thanks babe):
What u do not see a pic of is me drilling holes into the resin bones i sculpted and casted, i drilled the holes so that i could insert the led's directly into the bones for a better glow.

Here i am pushing the led's into the holes i drilled into the resin bones.

 I am now hot gluing the led lights permanently to the resin bones.

 Next i put a small amount of hot glue on the inside and folded a bit of the extra wire behind it (helps to deal with the excess).

 Ok, time to turn on the lights!

Awesome, gotta love that glow!  See how the lights look like it is coming from within the bones, that is the effect i was shooting for.

 Time to attach it permanently to the spine.  I put a good amount of hot glue onto the back of each piece, then carefully attach it to the spine.

I rinse the repeat till i get to the last one.


Now that they have been glued  in place, time for a little WIRE management with all the excess wires, I neatly wrap each section up ( i am going to put special bone covers over those sections, you will see it in the next wip update).

 Time to turn on the bone lights again!

Once again with a few house lights turned off.  What do u guys think?

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