Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dragon horn detail Part3

Here goes some more in the saga of the horn detail lol.

 Hot gluing thing strips of eva foam to key areas on the horns to help me create ridges easily.


Heating up a piece of wonderflex.

Carefully putting it into place.

I made sure to make a biggest piece then needed so that i would have plenty of room to put in bends and curves into it.


  Using the heat gun to help me merge the pieces into one another better.

 I have added another piece and have started forming it into the shape i want.

 Once again i apply the heat gun to help me blend it in.

Horn detail for one side is almost complete!

 Here i used Hot glue and dripped it over parts of the horns to create even more dimension on the horns, it is gonna look great when i airbrush it!

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