Friday, October 19, 2012

Gurren lagan

Sorry i have not posted in a while, i been REAL busy as of late, But i have a few new commissions as well as the prototype 2 one i last posted about.  One of them is the Gurren Lagan mech power suit in its final form.  For those of you not into the anime scene here is a pic of it:

I will definitely be pulling out all the stops on this project, i have already started on this one as well here are some wips of the first section, the Gauntlets:

 This is the underside of the lower portion of the gauntlet, i am basically building the entire gauntlet in craft foam first, to get everything the right size and fit, once i ma happy with all the pieces i will then use the craft form as a pattern, then cut out all the parts from eva foam.

 Side view of the lower jaw portion of the gauntlet.

 I started to draw part of the detailing on the craft foam so that i see where each piece must meet/ overlap.

 Here i have placed the dressform of my clients arm and hand into the gauntlet to make sure everything is fitting well, and it is.  I have also pinned in the top portion of the gauntlet to see how it lines up with everything so far so good.

I intend o n having multiple layers to this armor as i am not a fan of  "Flat" armors.  Here i have added the first layers around the eye and on the lower jaw portion of the gauntlet, still have a few more to do...