Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Squire's armor

Wamted to hop off of my cosplay for a minute to show u good folks what i have also been working on for my GF's nephew, he will be the "Squire" to my DragonScion knight.  So without further ado here is his breastplate!

 Here i measured out Daniels chest/ shoulder and back area and made a quick foam pattern.  Also cutting out the area for his head to pop thru.

I drew out some simple scroll patterns on the pattern so i can see if the idea i had in my head would look good on it, me likey!

Ok Here i have overlaid my pattern and cut it out of the eva foam, next will be to draw in the scroll pattern onto the eva as i have on the foam pattern.

Here i used a simple roll of painters tape to quickly draw an accurate circle pattern.

Scroll Pattern marking is done, time to do the actual scroll work!

I cut out thin strips of eva foam, and glued it along the circular pattern i drew upon the eva foam.

 After i finished some of the scroll work, i added a neck guard to the front and back of the head opening, so my Gf's son could look mysterious lol.

 Side view

 Top down view

Front view

 After making the neck guard i proceeded to do more scroll detail along the neck guard on the front and back.

 I added a few embellishments to it which will look amazing after i smoothcast it and paint it.

 I added the same triangle glyph to the back of his neck guard so it flows with the same symbol that i have in many spots on my armor, and another embellishment back there as well.  Next step is smoothcast and painting!

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