Friday, November 9, 2012

Gurren lagan gauntlet arm update.

Wanted to show u folks my progress on the gurren lagan guantlet:

 After being happy with the foam mockup i built i broke it down, and used it to make patterns for the eva foam, then started cutting it out.
 Working on the section that goes under the lower jaw portion of the gauntlet.

 I hot glued on the base sides then once it dried, heated up the decorative outside lower jaw portions, and glued those in place, and once that was solid i heated up those pieces then bent them over the bottom part of the jaw, then glued that into place.

 Double checking size and placement on the lower jaw with the pattern pieces i cut.

 Reference pic i am working from for the arm gauntlet

 Pinned the top portion of the gauntlet into place over the lower one to see how it is all looking.

 Next pinned the eye in place.

 I am happy eith it so i remove the eye and start to heat-set the top portion of the gauntlet to the bottom, this way it catches the shape i want it to have BEFORE i glue it to the lower jaw.

 Here i have cut out the pupil art of the eye  (so i can have an even deeper recess into the socket), then glued the outer portion to the gauntlet.

 Here I did a temporary fit with the inner eye into the gauntlet, it fits perfectly!

 i put in a temporary light to do a simply light test (i still have to color the eye) but so far it is looking good!.

Me modeling the gaunt so you guys can see how it will fit my client.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Gurren lagan

Sorry i have not posted in a while, i been REAL busy as of late, But i have a few new commissions as well as the prototype 2 one i last posted about.  One of them is the Gurren Lagan mech power suit in its final form.  For those of you not into the anime scene here is a pic of it:

I will definitely be pulling out all the stops on this project, i have already started on this one as well here are some wips of the first section, the Gauntlets:

 This is the underside of the lower portion of the gauntlet, i am basically building the entire gauntlet in craft foam first, to get everything the right size and fit, once i ma happy with all the pieces i will then use the craft form as a pattern, then cut out all the parts from eva foam.

 Side view of the lower jaw portion of the gauntlet.

 I started to draw part of the detailing on the craft foam so that i see where each piece must meet/ overlap.

 Here i have placed the dressform of my clients arm and hand into the gauntlet to make sure everything is fitting well, and it is.  I have also pinned in the top portion of the gauntlet to see how it lines up with everything so far so good.

I intend o n having multiple layers to this armor as i am not a fan of  "Flat" armors.  Here i have added the first layers around the eye and on the lower jaw portion of the gauntlet, still have a few more to do...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Almost have the build on one side of the arm completed.

 I have used a dremel to carve in the detail also to round off the square edges of the eva foam

Me trying out the arm.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

New project- Prototype 2 Blade arm

Hi folks, now that my personal project is done i am working on a commissioned one, It is A Blade arm from the game prototype 2, for those not familiar with it i am putting in a pic of it below: