Thursday, August 30, 2012

Creation of the Obsidian Edge!

Hi folks, wanted to show you the progress on Daniel's Obsidian sword, it is an original creation of mine to go along with his cosplay.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Boot paint job

The paint job on the boots are done! i can now reinstall the lighting system into them.

Front shot


Side view

Final paint on the 2nd helm

Hi guys I have been crazy busy trying to get 3 cosplays done by this weekend, why you ask because that is when my convention begins!!!  Here are some update pics on the 2nd helm i will be wearing there:

Here i added the white paint as a base so my yellow and red will pop later.

Side view

Yellow being added.

Side view

 Final coat of red over the yellow to soften it up a bit.

Side view

Friday, August 24, 2012

Painting the 2nd helm

Hello fellow Cosplay engineers, I wanted to share real quick with you good folks the paint process on the alternative helm i built for my DragonScion armor:

 I laid down the black coat first with some black primer, waited about 20 min then applied some red.

 Side view
Now the detail painting will begin!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Smoothcasting layers on the helm

Here are pics of the 2nd helm with 4 layers of smoothcast on, one more layer and i should be good.

Love the drips and layers of wave like texture through this helm, i will be enhancing it all with my airbrush!

2nd Alternate helm for my DragonScion armor

Hello folks, i just have 8 days till con time, so everything is in high gear now, with that said i completed the sculpt on my 2nd head i will also be wearing to the convention, i used a oil based clay called Plastilina modeling clay, this is a non hardening clay that is excellent for sculpting with.  Well without further ado here are the pics:

 Well here it is ignore the piece of clay at the chin that will not be a part of the mask.  This will be a half mask that will is being made so that it can sit on my head comfy like, also i will be adding eva foam dreds to it later.
 Side view.

 Happy with my sculpt, i decided to try a different method of casting a mask, instead of going the route of making a mold, i am going to do a one shot basically, which means spraying over the entire sculpt with a mold release, letting that dry then painting my smoothcast 325 directly over it.  But before i smoothcast it i make sure to cover my dress form and armor underneath in saran wrap, this i have found is an excellent way to protect what u do not want smoothcast or resin falling onto.

The reason why i am trying this method of casting a mask, is that i want it to have a poured on drippy type look, kinda like it just came out of a pool of lava and dried while the lava was still dripping down type of look, so instead of sculpting in those waves and drips, i decided to do it naturally.  Well he is all wrapped up and the release agent is dry time to smoothcast!

 First coat of smoothcast, I will do about 5 coats total before i separate the clay from the smoothcast.

Front view.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Completed helm

Hi folks i finished the design and paint on the horned helm, here are the pics:

 Here i applied first a white coat of airbrush paint then a coat of yellow over it to really make the yellow nice and bright.

 Side view.

 Back view.
 Here i went over the yellow lightly with red.

 Completed paint on the back.

 Completed paint on the front.


My Girlfriends hand armor part 2

At this stage i have completed the build , not i have just to add the smoothcast the airbrush it, here are the wips on it:

 i cut out pieces of wonderflex in this shape to wrap around the top of each finger segment.

 Here i cut the eva foam into thin strips and applied them to the wonderflex.

 Next i cut a larger triangle piece to wrap around the tip of each finger.

Completed build portion of the gauntlet hand progress, next is just smoothcast and paint!