Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hi again folks,

Had a very busy weekend but was able to put in some time to work on my pauldrons some, and my fosshape came in from the makers of wonderflex.  So i decided to dive in on my helmet horns too.  Here are some of my progress pics:

This is the bone and trim design i finished on the top pauldron, i just have to put the trim on the bottom pauldron and this will be ready for touch ups with "Friendly Plastic".

Doing the helmet horns is a lot of fun, and wonderflex makes it easy to work interestingly wavy bone shapes for it.

 Here I laid down the padded horn I built earlier on top of a piece of fosshape and outlined it with a sharpie.

 Here i Cut it out and immediately made a second pattern for the other side of the same horn.

I then took some push pins and pinned down the fosshape to the horn ( i pinned it down along the edges so when i heat set it it will hug the sides right and not curl up on me).

Heat setting the fosshape to the horn.

I pulled out the horns after the fosshape took the shape.  Then laid the top piece i cut out over the horn and re-pinned it.

Heating up the top piece of fosshape now.

It is forming to the shape well, a bit more and i can pull out the pins and go on to the next step, the bone stage!

Here i cut long strips of wonderflex, then cut little wedges randomly throughout it and heated it up then wrapped it around the horn at a slight angle. Then reheated it again in certain sections where i wanted to play with the bends and curves some more to give it a more organic, yet mutated bone look.

 And Viola! one horn just about done and ready for final touch ups before i seal it up and paint it.

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