Friday, March 30, 2012

Hi folks, i just wanted to share with you some progress pics on the trim for the blade gauntlet.  Here they are:

This is what i have started with so far for the bottom gauntlet piece.  I used fosshape for the trim here.

Side view of the fosshape trim on the top portion of the gauntlet and blade.

Side view showcasing the trim across the entire blade gauntlet and me once again wearing my gauntlet finger, god i love those lol.  As you can see i ma using fosshape across the entire gauntlet for the trim, i find it is an excellent material to use for it when adding trim to armor that has multiple curves, and you want the trim to have a thickness to it.

What i have found that is interesting is there is a fabric glue i love to use called "fabric tac" for those of us sewing challenged this stuff is a god send.  It even survives the washer and dryer!  I took a chance and tried it out on the fosshape and it performs beautifully, just as if i have sewn the edges the "fabric tac" works in the same fashion, allowing me to heat set the fosshape.  I even tried it here on the gauntlet,  gluing the fosshape to the gauntlet- then once the glue dried (which was under like 4 min) i lightly heat set it with a heat gun.  As you can see it worked out beautifully.

I intend on using this technique alot for the legs and feet portions of the armor.

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