Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hi folks, i got another shipment of Wondeflex in so i jumped right back into my costume design.  And what I decided to do a bit of work on is my gauntlet forearms, here are my beginning pics of it:

Here I am bending the wonderflex around me forearm for the perfect fit.

As you can see i am wearing a long john shirt, to protect me from the heat in the forearm piece as is bends to the shape of my arm. ( and yes material does stick to wonderflex so i had to make sure to pull it off my thermal shirt a few times as it cooled, you can also just put a bit of wax paper over your arm too to avoid having to remove it as it cools).

Ok this part of the gauntlet is about ready now to test it with the gauntlet fingers.

Ok the test is looking good i will have great movement between the forearm piece and fingers.

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