Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hi folks my first shipment of wonderflex came in, so i spent the weekend working on a few different sections of the armor.  The first section i am ready to show you guys is the back bone spine.  It is basically in 2 parts, the main boney back and the center spine part. here is how the center spine looks:

I will be bending this so that it will also follow the curved shape of the back side of the armor.  Here is the rest of the boney look i created for the back.

I am really loving the back!  I decided to go a little further and add additional detail i did not originally plan for it.  I am putting on additional pieces of wonderflex on the existing back to give it more dimensionality,  which will make it a more visually stunning piece.  Here are a few shots on how that is coming out:

Adding the first curved piece of wonderflex to the back.

For some of the skinnier (and small) pieces i use a small clamp to hold it while i blast it with the heat gun, keeps me from burning my own fingers.

This pic shows the spine with both pieces together and the additional detail i installed onto it, I intend to flesh out this detail a bit more once my friendly plastic comes in.


  1. The spine is looking incredible so far. When you covered it with Wonderflex, did you just take a huge sheet of it to cover up the spine, or pieces of Wonderflex? Thanks!

  2. I first drew out the pattern, then transferred that pattern to a sheet of inch thick foam. From that point i traced out the entire spine design 2x onto a sheet of wonderflex. I did the same process for the center spine part too. Once i had all my pieces i sandwiched the foam in between 2 sheets of wonderflex and heat set it.
    Then applied lots or pressure to the edges and joined it all.