Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hi folks, since now i am in final touches mode on the helm before the paint job, i wanted to try something a bit different.  I originally was going to use just friendly plastic for the trim.  But considering the amount of it that i will use costume wide i decided to try to be a bit conservative with it.  So I decided to use Fosshape for the base of the trim, then i will use friendly plastic over it, this way i do not need to build up several layers to get the height i need.

It will now just need one layer of friendly plastic, and that will be to layer over the top of the fosshape and blend the side of the trim to the helm.

 Basically i run the heat gun over the section of wonderflex that i intend on attaching the fosshape to. Once it is warm enough i lay the fosshape over it and press firmly.

The top portion is set, now for the bottom.

Front trim using fosshape is done.  Now just need to work the friendly plastic magic onto it then the smooth cast and i will be ready to airbrush some magic on it.

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