Friday, July 27, 2012

Detail Painting the back on the upper armor part1

Hello folks, i know a lot of you are often challenged with how to paint your weapons or armor once the build portion is done where in this wip i am goign to take u step by step as i  switch out colors with my airbrush:

 I am going in with the black to define up the areas for me for the lava look i am going for, basically blocking in the dark areas/shadows real quick.

 Bringing some of the black up and into the bone section of the Pauldron.  I also made sure to get in the shadows along the spine section to really make it pop.

 Making sure to get underneath sections too for a complete look.

How this side looks so far with the shadows worked in, time to change colors.

 Here i am now working with white as a base for the yellow i shall be adding to it.

 Here i have switched to the yellow for my highlighted areas, i basically airbrush over the white sections, i do not have to worry about spillover color because both the red and black is a way more powerful pigment, and the acrylic based yellow will not show up easily over it.

 Once that is done i go back to red to lightly mist over the yellow in certian spots, letting the yellow shine thru at certain areas.

I want to add a few more"hot spots" in the lava flow so i ma going back to the white to highlight certain areas.

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