Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hola folks today's post will be about the armored boots. I built a gun Using wonderflex in an interesting way and it inspired me to try a similar method for the boots, also these will be the first boots i will be making completely from scratch, meaning not using any cover up over pre existing shoes or boots, that right even the sole of the boot i will be making from scratch.

 The base material i ma using here is called EVA foam, it is the same type of foam used in yoga mats, or for those folks that go to the gym to work out, those mats that be on the floor in the weight room.  The thickness i am using for the boots is a 1/2 inch thickness.  The pic above shows some of the pieces i have hot glued together thus far.

 In this pic i have heat set the foam and bent it across my lower leg ( i wore sweat pants to protect my legs from the heat), then hot glued the section near the lower ankle on the back.

Side view of the boot.

I beveled the edges of the calf section that i intend on gluing together so that they fit batter and help me with curing this section.

 I laid down a a line of hot glue a few inches long then stopped and held together the section i just glued.  I kept on doing that till the entire seam was connected.

 Side view with the calf section in place.

  Rear pic to show you the spots i have glued together ( i have also glued the inside seams to for reinforcement).  Not too worried about the glued showing here as i will be covering this all up with "slats" to give it a edged look.

 Here i have added a few more pieces to the front of the boot.

Well this is what i have done so far, look for another update this week to see how this base build turns out!

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