Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hi again fellow armor makers and fans alike, i completed the flowing lava effect on the back right side of the armor, here are the wips on that.

 I wanted to have a flow of lava coming from where the 2 biggest lights are on the back portion of the breastplate, so i first went ahead and once again pulled out the acrylic white (createx) paint, and highlighted the areas i was going to fill in with yellow.  Once i finished marking the areas i went in with the yellow and lightly sprayed over it till i got it pretty bright.

 Then i went and switched out to the red and careful sprayed around the edges of the yellow, going in slowly till i got the effect i desired.

 Once that was done i brought out the black and deepened all the black areas till i was satisfied with it.

This side is now complete!!!

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