Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My next section of the DragonScion armor i am tackling is the pauldrons.  Once again I am using the same foam as I did on the horns ( trying to keep this armor as lightweight as humanly possible, yet keeping it very durable.)

After i made my patterns...

I cut them out of the foam using a exacto/ utility knife.  Because this foam is so thick i found it much easier to slice thru it with a fresh blade.  I then did one more step.  I broke out the safety pins and put them together similarly to what it would look like after i put wonderflex on them and affixed them.

After i did the first try out, I adjusted the curve a bit ion the pauldrons to fit better on me.  To me this is a very crucial step any time you are working with big pieces that will be overlaying one another or moving on top of or underneath one another.

This saves you from when a costly mistake when you apply the wonderflex and then realize, either it is to small, too big, or does not site right on top of the other piece.  So far they are sitting just where I need them to on my body.

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