Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hello again, today I went back to work on the pauldrons, spine, and chest piece.  So basically the entire torso region and shoulders.  I cut out the pieces for the shoulder trim and spots where the custom gem I designed will go.  Here are the shots of the Pauldrons:

Here I am pinning the pauldron trim together so I can do a test fit with it.

Trim is now temporarily attached to all pieces of the pauldrons.

Spine Attached to the shoulders, I may add one more set of bone to the top not sure just yet tho.

 Chest and torso piece on and attached as well as I give out a roar to test movement lol.

 Back view of the torso, Spine and pauldrons.

Here I was testing out a tip I want to install on the pauldrons, I have decided instead of using foam for the tip, I will sculpt it and cast it.  Then attach it.

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