Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hi guys i am working on so many parts of the costume right now it is crazy over here, but I wanted to give you guys a taste of the improvements i am making on the back armor.  I have extended 3 of the spinal bones out further on the expanded back, i am loving how that came out but also i have done a test fit and test on the lighting system for the back before i lay in the bone segments which will go down the center spine.  Well here is a little peak at that:

Wait till u guys see how this looks with the bone segments in!


  1. Oh my god, that's so awesome! Are you setting up the electrics your self? Or do you buy them already put together and install them?

  2. a bit of both, in this pic i was lucky to find a led shoestring that worked perfectly for this.

  3. I intend on building some that have a stronger glow based on this design tho