Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hi folks, i decided to work a bit on the belt while i wait for the smoothcast to do its thing on the gauntlet fingers, so here are some progress shots on the belt!:

Here i have already cut the foam to shape as well as the fosshape and i have part glued with fabric tac and spot sewed key areas.

After the glue dried, i am folding the edges over to create a ridge for the boning that i will later have looped over this section.

Here is a closeup, not bad for one not fond of sewing huh, lol.

Side view of the belt pre bone.

 Front view pre bone.
And back view pre bone.
Now i know you good folks are probably like, what the hell does he mean "pre- bone"  Basically to keep the continuity of the bone look i have in the horns and across the pauldrons, i decided to carry that same look down to the belt as show in these pics:

 And this is the boning folks, i cut and shaped every piece of fosshape heat set it so get the curl then glued each piece in place, so far i have the right side almost done- then i will work on the left side boning.

Close up of the rear section of the belt..

And the rear of the belt, I also intend on smooth casting all the bones on the belt, once that is done i will be putting in fabric between the top and bottom portion on the bones what color you ask, i will let you guess!

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