Friday, May 25, 2012

Hi folks, time again for another update! 
This time i worked a bit on the upper arms and the under shoulders ( basically the smaller set of shoulder which will be under the larger pauldrons)  I have attached the upper arms to the small shoulders and I am thinking about maybe attaching the blade gauntlet to it as well so i can just slide my arm into this armored sleeve.  Well here are the pics!

This is a shot of the back of the upper arm.  This was all built in various section then heat set together to form a solid piece.

Front view of the upper arm i intend on smoothing out the bumps with a good dose of friendly plastic.

And the inside shot, here u can see i achieved the roundness of the shoulder section by cutting 3 separate sections of wonderflex (each piece curved) and attaching them by their edges to achieve the curve.

Me wearing the upper arms.

Front shot of me wearing the upper arms.

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