Monday, May 21, 2012

Hi folks, i wanted to give you guys another update on the belt.  After i finished gluing all the boning on it, i worked on applying the "foam coat" to it.  The reason for the foam coat is to help me achieve a particular texture i was going for and to also serve as a base for my smoothcast. Well without further ado here are the pics:

Here i have started applying the  "Foam Coat" with a sponge brush quickly since this stuff has a use time of 10 min, and a set time of 30 min, and dries rock hard in 12 hrs.

After i applied the Foam coat across a few bone sections, i go back over it with a wooden Popsicle stick to smooth it out but to also create interesting line textures in it to give it a more natural bone look.

 In this pic i have one complete side done top and bottom.

 Here is a closeup shot, now to finish the other side.  Then tomorrow smoothcast time!

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