Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hi folks, i have had a few people asking me this so i figure i post  a simple how to up here with some pics.  What i am referring to is a dress form or low budget mannequin, which i think is essential for when you r building a armor or cloth set if you want to make sure all the pieces fit well.

Here are some pics followed by a brief explanation:

 I created this torso dress form with the help of my amazing Girlfriend.  I put on a sacrificial old T-shirt, and a plastic bag for my neck area.  Then had my girlfriend tape me up in duct tape,  from wear my hips began all the way up to my neck. Once my torso was all taped up  She took some scissors and cut a single line up my spine to the back of my neck so I could slip out of it.

Once i was free of it, I sealed up the arm stumps ( they stopped at the upper bicep's) i packed the shoulder and upper arm area to the neck, then sealed the neck.  Then i commenced to filling up the rest of the torso using newspaper, scrap pieces of soft foam too.

Here you see my full arm attached as well (that goes down to my fingers as well).  Ignore the white hand in the pic that belongs to my Gf's son lol.  But basically i did the same process with the arm too and the head as well.  I also made the arms detachable as u can see from the black tape on the shoulder section there.  I can just remove that part and be able to work on the arm solely.

Closeup of the head form.  Note about the head i did put a plastic bag over my head, but i cut out an opening for the nose so i could breath.  She wrapped up the majority of my head first leaving the front part of my face for last.

Also on my head form you see here i also started to work on a piece i will be wearing under the helmet, so when i do take it off it gives folks a lil bit more eye candy, and a nice surprise.  I may make certain sections light up, not sure yet.

Eventually i will do a full body cast of myself, but till then my low budget dress form will serve me just right.

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