Sunday, April 22, 2012

 Hola fellow cosplayers i wanted to show you guys how my hands are shaping up.  I also decided to show you guys how you can form wonderflex around your hand if you do not have a dress form to do it on top of.  Here go the pics!

 Here i put on my black and decker gloves since they resist heat pretty well, and heat set the wonderlfex (with some craft foam inside) and bent it over the top of my hand.  Then simply held it in place till it kept the form.

Here i am applying the side pieces in the same fashion as i did  to the top.

Here i am Securing the opening for the thumb, as well as the shape of my palm.

Thumb section is good as well as capturing the shape of my palm.

 Jumping ahead a lil bit you can see how the tops of my hands look now covered in the wonderflex.

And how the palms look, here you see one palm plain and the other with a design that i will be raising up with more wonderflex.

 Me wearing the palm section and the fingers together.  Tho there is a big gap of my skin showing i intend on attaching some stretchy type of string i bought from Joanns crafts and will be attaching the fingers to the palm, that will close that gap considerable, plus also give me the perfect tension for my finger so they are firm and in place.

Back view of it all.

Extreme closeup, i will also be wearing a black glove under all this to complete the look, after it is painted and i have used my friendly plastic that is.

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