Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hello again, i wanted to show you guys my progress on the lower portion of the gauntlets, after seeing some pretty amazing ones being done on the web i was inspired to kick mine up a notch and add a little sculpted element to them.  I am basically sculpting a draconian woman, complete with horns and wings on the lower part of the gauntlet.  Here are the progress pics of that endeavor:

As you can see she is about half done, literally lol.  In order to ensure this fits right on my founded gauntlet, i wrapped wax paper around the gauntlet, tapped it down then started sculpting right on top of it, this is a great way to ensure placement and sizing too.

Here is a side view, once i put in that lil section of wall on the bottom left here it gave me an idea with the wings to actually extend them down over it so that is what i will work on next, if it looks good i will do that on the other side as well.

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