Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hi folks, this week i wanted to give u guys a taste of how the paint job on the helm is starting out!

These are just the base color coats i have applied in the following photos over the next 2 days i will be applying detail and lot of shading to it:

 So the 3 base colors for the entire suit will be a dark red almost burgundy, Black and a golden bronze almost copper for all the bones and horn sections of the armor ( a bit of the trim too).

 Here i am showing that the lower section will be a blend of red going into black all the way around the base of the helm.

 I really love how the sculpted detail came out in the horns, i wanted a battle hardened gnarled look to them, this is going to make my airbrush job a joy!

 And this is the back view.

Closeup of the back view.  Can you see the design in the back, it will pop over the next 2 days, promise!

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